About Us

When I first came to China in 1987, I noticed that virtually all the written English in China was wrong. And not just a little wrong. It was very wrong; filled with mistakes. The cause of the problem was instantly clear – Chinese companies, and Chinese translation companies in particular, did not employ native English speakers. At that time, the idea of starting a translation company in China was planted in my mind.

When I returned to China in 1998, it was with the mind of doing exactly that, and giving China what it did not have. Over the years the problem had not gotten better; it had gotten worse. So I studied Chinese for three years in a place where I could climb mountains on the weekend (Xinjiang), and while studying here I saw there was an unexpected market also for Uyghur-English translation. So I studied the Uyghur language for four years, and in 2006, overcoming tremendous red tape, I successfully registered Camelback Translation and Consultation in Urumqi, China.

We had business before we even opened our doors, and for the past ten years, having done virtually no advertising, we have constantly had more work than we can do. We specialize in written translation between English and Chinese and between English and Uyghur. Do click on the link above, Our Services, to see what else we might be able to help you with. We are a multicultural company—with American, Han Chinese, Uyghur associates—one that desires to help China communicate with the world, and help the world communicate with China. While poor communication is not usually the root of problems, it can be. And good communication is always essential in solving whatever problems exist and preventing new ones from occurring. That is why we are here

Finally, you should know that Camelback uses a highly distinct approach to written translation:
Team Translation.

You can read about Team Translation by clicking OUR METHODS at the top of the page.

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