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Translation, English Correction, Consultation

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Mistake-free translation – Guaranteed.

Mistake-free, natural written translation between Chinese and English, and Uyghur and English. Guaranteed. This is our specialty. We know of no other translation company in the world which penalizes itself and returns money to the client for each mistake found.  Leading companies in the world guarantee their work.  Why can’t translation companies? This also means, unlike many other translation companies, we don’t outsource. We do all the translation ourselves with translators we know and trust. In addition, since we opened in 2006, we have only encountered a single project which was too difficult for us to translate. Only one. Click on OUR METHOD above to learn the patently simple means by which we accomplish this.

English Correction, Editing, Proofreading.

Do you have a document already in English, but you need to make sure the English is 100% correct? Perhaps it is an advertisement, or packaging, or a website, or an instruction manual, or an academic article for a journal, or even a book.  Send it to us, we will examine it, and then we will quote you a price for your project.  You can accept the quote or reject it.  If your document is already 100% correct, we will tell you, there will be no charge (no cost) (except for a book), and you will be able to print or submit your document with peace of mind!

So if you need it done right, send us any document for a free quote.

Tel/Fax: +86 (0)991-2556644

Mailing/Physical address:
XinJiang WuLuMuQi Shi ShaYiBaKe Qu
XiBei Lu 887 Hao
XinFengDa (NAGA ShangYuan) A Zuo 2301
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CHINA ZhongGuo 830000