Services and Products


TRANSLATION – WRITTEN. First and foremost, we offer written translation which is mistake-free and natural – guaranteed. Our language pairs are English-Chinese, English-Uyghur. For each differing error you find in our translation we refund 50 yuan ($8 USD) to you the client.

INTERPRETATION – ORAL. If you are in Xinjiang and need an interpreter in the above language pairs, contact us and we can arrange it. We have different levels of interpreters (from basic-level to simultaneous translation) for different costs. We also have some interpreters who have certain fields of specialty. If you need an interpreter for a language pair not listed above, say Kazak – Chinese, let us know, and we will see if we can find the right person for you.

ENGLISH EDITING, CORRECTING, PROOFREADING. If you have a local ask you to help him “polish, just polish” the English in a thesis, journal submission, or essay, of course you can say “yes” (if you have the time, desire, and ability). OR you can do yourself and us a favor, and refer him to us.

DOCUMENT MISTAKE CHECK (NO CHARGE!). This service is free. Send us any document or text in English or Chinese, and we will have a native speaker look at it and tell you if it contains mistakes or not. (Often if there is just one or two mistakes, we can correct it for free.) If the document or content is mistake-free, then you can know it is ready to be printed, published, submitted, or displayed.

IELTS AND TOEFL ESSAY TRAINING. If you have a local ask you to help him learn to write essays for either the IELTS or TOEFL tests, of course you can say “yes” (if you have the time, desire, and ability) OR you can refer him to us. We have set up a system whereby locals write an essay, send it to us, we make corrections and suggestions, and then send it back to them to rewrite it. They rewrite, they return it to us, and then we give them further feedback. And they don’t even need to come in to our office

CONSULTATION. We provide consultation and practical help or skill training in the following two areas: starting and running a business in China (or in Xinjiang), and in training employees in industry-specific English.

AUDIO RECORDING. We can make digital audio recordings of any content you give us. We can do this using a native English speaker, native Mandarin speaker, or native Uyghur speaker.

Example Prices for Common Services


Unit of Measure



Text Document

per page


A4 size paper

Business Card (content only)

per card


For 60 characters or less


per sign


Surcharge for detailed content


per banner


Surcharge for detailed content


per label


Surcharge for detailed content


per menu item


30% off for XinJiang restaurants


per page


For first page/bio page

Marriage Certificate

per certificate



Birth Certificate

per certificate



Academic Transcript

per transcript



Diploma / Graduation Certificate

per certificate



Thesis Abstract

per abstract


Additional charge for over 500 words

Driver’s License

per license


Front and Back

Resume / CV

per resume



Medical Report

per report


95RMB for a simple blood test report

Household Register Booklet

per booklet



Business License

per permit


125RMB for a China Business License

Formal Business Letters

per letter

80RMB minimum

Contact us for a detailed quote

Invitation Letter

per invitation


Additional charge for over 500 words

Transcription of Audio

per 1000 characters/words

45 Chinese, 60 English, 55 Uyghur

Transcribing audio into written text

Audio Recording

per 1000 characters/words

50 Chinese, 140 English, 70 Uyghur

Recording written text into audio format

Movie & Video Subtitles

per 1000 characters/words

450 English to Chinese, 650 Uyghur to English

Includes line by line transcription and translation

Creation / Correction / Proofreading / Editing of a document by a native speaker


If per hour: 170/hour English, 75/hour Chinese, 75/hour Uyghur

Normally: Contact us for an exact quote

Website / Software Localization



Contact us for a detailed quote


SABIC (Starting a Business in China). 200 RMB for a subscription. This is a mammoth monster document (constantly being updated and thus growing) with essentially every detail we have learned ourselves and from you about starting a business in China. It contains some helpful info about running a business in China too, as well as being one of the better compilations of information on visas and residence permits that you will find. SABIC is now running at 150 pages of thorough and thoroughly mind-numbing information, but if you are starting or running a business in China, it is stuff you will want or need to know.

APARTMENT CONTRACT. YOU GET BOTH A CHINESE VERSION (TO BE SIGNED WITH YOUR LANDLORD) AND A BILINGUAL VERSION IN CHINESE AND ENGLISH (SO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING!). 100 RMB for a reusable contract in Word format. How many people in the world sign a contract without reading a single word of it? Hmmm. A lot of expats in China do exactly that when they rent an apartment. How wise is that? This contract is built on the real life experiences and horrors that expats have experienced in Xinjiang and elsewhere. We guarantee that it will be VASTLY superior to any contract up with which your landlord will ever show. (How about that grammar?) I, Camelback’s director, personally believe it is unwise to live in Xinjiang and not use this contract, as so much tends to go wrong out here. It would probably not be a bad idea to use this contract in most other places in China as well. Even if you already have a contract on your apartment, when it comes time to resign, it could be a wise move to protect yourself with this contract. If you potentially interested in buying our contract, but want to see it first, call us. We can send you for free a partial English only version, and you can judge for yourself if this contract will be worth the measly 100 yuan to you. Free upgrades – just contact us before you need to sign again, and see if there is a newer version.

OFFICE RENTAL CONTRACT. YOU GET BOTH A CHINESE VERSION AND A BILINGUAL VERSION IN CHINESE AND ENGLISH. 100 RMB for a reusable contract in Word format. Same as above. Free Upgrades, just ask.

HOW TO GET A DRIVERS LICENSE IN CHINA. 25 RMB. It is now five pages, and has just reached a state of maturity, meaning that most of the information you will need is there. It will save you time and hassle. Free Upgrades.

HOW TO BUY A USED CAR IN CHINA. 25 RMB. Buying a used car is a tad risky in the US, and maybe in your home country, but in China it is “Chinese” Roulette. (In Russian roulette you put one bullet in the chamber of a revolver, spin it, place the barrel to your head, and pull the trigger. In Chinese Roulette, you put in three.) And in 2015, I shot myself. Fortunately, I have lived to tell about it, this document is to keep you from doing the same.

USED CAR PURCHASE CONTRACT. (Presently available only in Chinese.) 25 RMB. As of March 3, 2016, this contract is useful, but my recent experience has not yet been incorporated into it. There may be better ones out there.